It’s no doubt that sometimes we use our mobile phones instead of  watch, but do you ever heard of a watch connect with your mobile phone?  Watchmaker Fossil released a pair of concept watches, which allows  users to check messages, status updates and other information directly  on the wrist. This is a magic watch and this function helps a lot.  Information is available at a glance, no more having to miss calls; your  time is always correct. With this watch, even when you are at meetings, you will not miss a  message or phone calls. You won’t be worried about your mobile phone  suddenly rings and interrupt the conference and make your boss unhappy.  Turn your mobile phone into mute mode, you still can receive messages. This watch displays information on a smartphone, a calendar, weather  forecasts, a notification for incoming calls and missed calls, email  messages, text messages on a small LCD screen is gray. It seems Fossil  decided to move James Bond’ function on their watches.  There is an additional function this new watch provides: it can  display the update Twitter. The bad news is: these two concept watches  connect to only Android and RIM’s BlackBerry devices through Bluetooth,  which means mobile phone user with other operating systems or brands  will not be the users of these two watches till now.