As every stylish girl knows that investing in tights in various  colors and prints is a great way to refresh and diversify outfits.  However, the point is that you have to know how to wear them properly.  Of course some women love to match them based on their own rules.  Considering that not every girl has right rules to follow, some basic  information about how to wear colored tights appropriately will be  introduced today. Here are some rules to wear your colored tights: 1. You’d better have basic knowledge about tights in mind before  purchasing tights. The term “denier” is related to tights. It refers to  the sheerness of a pair of tights. The lower the denier of the tights,  the sheerer the tights will look when you wear them. The level of denier  you will choose is totally determined by your preference. 2. When your outfit is colorful, chose bland colors. Generally  speaking, when wearing colored tights, it is essential to make sure that  your dress matches with your tights. Usually you should avoid matching  colorful dresses with big prints because the tights are already colored.  So if your outfit enjoy bold colors such as red, orange, burgundy and  green, your colored tights need to be a bit toned down. In this case,  neutral, black, gray, brown or beige colored tights are best solutions.  On the contrary, when your outfit is relatively neutral in tone,  colorful tights can be in the top options. 3. Right colored tights for right seasons. The season is also a  consideration in tights selection. It is wise to pick colored tights  which reflect the colors of the season because every season enjoys its  own tone. 4. Choices of prints matter the look of your whole style. Try to  avoid big prints, horizontal stripes because mostly they thicken your  legs.