Have you experienced the loss of hairstyle when the wind blows? If you still worry about this, this article will provide some useful ideas that could probably banish your cares. Wearing a hat can simply solve your problem without losing your eternal enchantment. But what are the popular and fashionable hats in this season? Here we recommend several hats suitable for long hair ladies with a little bit of superstar style. 1.     Pumpkin Cap Nampkin Cap and Clothing match By wearing a pumpkin cap with brim, ladies with straight hair look very cute and smart. Additionally, if you wear a long knitting sweater and a pair of black-framed glasses, your quiet, patrician, bookish and urbane personality will naturally be exposed. 2.     Duckbill Cap Duckbill Cap and Clothing match The duckbill cap is very popular all over the year. A jacket with raw edges or a tailored suit coat, this guise is not only fashion but handsome. 3.     Peaked Cap peaked cap and clothing match Ladies with curly who want to have a change in their sweet style can try the peaked hat as the pattern will make you more charming. 4.     Military Cap Military Cap and clothing matching Handsome military cap makes long hair ladies more attracting. A leather jacket outside and a knitting sweater inside with a handbag in another shape indicate a forceful formidable young lady. 5.     Knitted Hat Knitted hat and clothing match Knitting hat is very popular in this season. Girls with dyed curly hair can't miss it. Putting on a piece of fashionable long knitted sweater is a good choice to form a chic style. 6.     Grey-black Cap Grey-black peaked hat and clothing match Grey-black cap makes curly hair girls more handsome and with a thick stick needles knitted long scarf can keep you look sweet.