It is definitely a delightful thing to discover beautiful designer bags, especially an evening clutch as stunning as this -- Alexander McQueen Crystal Skull Clutch. I love clutches, especially the ones for night time, since they are usually made to let the user shine in the darkness, by all means. An evening clutch can often serve as a crucial decoration to compete the really beautiful outfit you are in. It seems to me that one can wear the most gorgeous fashion clothes ever, but if she goes without the right bag, she is simply making the outfit a waste and killing her fashion statement. This Alexander McQueen Crystal Skull Clutch is just one of the examples that can do a great job to make you a stunner and thus stand you out of the crowd.     You must have seen some of the variants of the rather renowned Alexander McQueen Skull Clutches, which are all great-looking. I actually love how each one is basically the same thing just styled differently with different details. But, still, I’ve got to say that, this version is by far the most beautiful Alexander McQueen clutches I have ever seen! I myself indeed am very much into bling-bling stuff, such as things with crystals and I think crystals just look fantastic on just about any evening clutch. And here on this Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch I’ve seen a most spectacular arrangement of the stones in different colors against a golden background.   Actually, the clutch, to me, is like something that can bring into the dull and boring daily life some colorful and exciting sparks. If most of your daily outfits and work ware are in neutral colors, then such a bright and brilliant bag will surely be a great addition to your wardrobe.     Aside for this colorful version, you can also check out other Skull Clutches from Alexander McQueen, which are just as wonderful. And great news is that, high quality replica Alexander McQueen Crystal Skull Clutches are available!