TAG Heuer and McLaren cars are working together again, to create the  perfect performance and ultimate quality, commemorating 26 years of  brilliant cooperation. MP412C McLaren racing the world’s first  high-performance production cars, heavy launch in 2011. TAG Heuer  Carrera MP4-12C chronograph limited edition only available in the 1000  McLaren showroom, which is designed specifically for MP4-12C fans.  Smooth lines and elegant watch which, in color, texture and design to  fully show the creativity the new car will feature the first three  techniques presented.  Carbon fiber dial design inspiration directly from the MP4-12C which  uses monolithic carbon fiber structure and fiber splitter chassis – Two  used car parts. Using high-tech carbon fiber watch face design, unique  style; and the bottom is a contrasting pieces of sapphire crystal glass  mosaic, can set off the movement or engine. Perforated leather strap  with sheepskin lining, MP4-12C car seat also uses the same material  lining.  TAG Heuer’s movement was first introduced advanced automatic  transmission, with a half-calendar function, calibrated only slightly in  February each year; reminders and important dates can be set to  indicate the month. It is worth mentioning that, as a feature of  technology, and professional drivers can also use the pilot to fly back  function (Flyback Function), press the button to reset the chronograph  to zero and immediately re-timing.