Many people may feel excited when holidays approach. Meanwhile, they  also have an anxiety about overindulgence. It’s true that no one can  resist delicious food at all, and how to protect oneself from suffering  overindulge of food has become the hot issue for people to pursue. In fact, it’s easy for people to get away from the delicious food and  feel better than overindulgence. Here I recommend you three tips. 1.       Eat small portions. When holiday comes, there are lots of  delicious foods to enjoy. Most people always forget to control the  quantity of their eating. Instead, they indulge themselves in various  kinds of delicious foods and eat until they feel full enough. Obviously  this behavior is not so scientific. I advise you to choose some small  portions to replace the foods that you want to eat. Although they‘re  small, they still can bring you the feeling of holiday, and make you  have a better feeling rather than overindulgence.  2.     Skipping breakfast also can cause overeating in lunch. If you  skip breakfast and start eating until lunch, you may feel starved when  you see so many delicious foods and you cannot control yourself. You  need more food to satisfy the starvation. As the result of overeating,  more calories stay in your body and trouble your stomach, and that makes  you feel sick or something else.  3.       Don’t eat food that contains lots of calories and makes you  feel hungry very soon. Foods such as cakes, muffins and other things  should be taken into consideration. On the one hand, they cannot meet  your need of starvation; on the other hand, the high calories they  contain have bad influence on your health.