Do you remember Nicole Richie’s pink sapphire engagement ring? The gooorgeous engagement ring is provided with an inverted cushion cut pink sapphire held in a pave undercarriage with a split pave set shank. If you are not the one who is longing for the potential of conflict diamonds and want other options, gemstone engagement ring can satisfy your personal preference. Amethyst, sapphires, peridot, Emeralds,  rubies, citrine and aquamarine and   are all popular choices for a fancy engagement ring. These gems are sturdy enough to allow you to own the precious ring for a life time. Colorful gems are in rage since they can offer you extra visual attraction. For those who want to own a ring with the special color she loves best, colorful gems are a perfect choice. Have a visual feast of  Gemstone Engagement Rings!   Gemstone engagement rings have seized girls’ heart and taken as the symbolism of love thanks to the specific meaning of the gems. For example, Rubies are believed as to open up your heart and love. Aquamarine means that love can help solve any difficulty in any awful situation. With their fantastic appearance and the significant meaning of love, Gemstone engagement rings win many couples’ heart. If you are also fond of gems, join us!