High quality leather shoes are from Italy brands, but most Italy brands are luxury brands. Clarks is one of those who are famous but substantial. Cyrus Clark was a businessman who managed lambskin carpets, in 1830,hius brother acceded to his company and released some lambskin slippers which had a great vogue in that time. In 1856, his company imported some singer sewing machines to promote the quality and quantity of their products, and then these efforts laid a foundation to their hundred years’ development. After that, Clarks released a new series shoes Hygienic line which was sought after by many people, and built a good image of their brand. At the beginning of the 20th century, Clarks expanded their business in a high speed and forced to created new skills in shoes-making; they promoted the growth of the new brand by using new material to make shoes and gained many profits. At that time, Clarks paid more attention to female’s shoes design. After the second world war, Clarks release many classical styles of shoes and welcomed by many fans. One of these classical shoes was Desert boot which was a symbol of that period. Desert boot was designed by Nathan Clark who was the fourth generation successor, and the inspiration was from a pair of boots he bought from a bazaar of Cairo, Egypt when he joint in the army.  Walla-bee was another style which was released in the sixties; this style had some common with the flat shoes which used worn by Indians, North America, the appearance of this design was very pretty and welcomed. Besides, Clarks started to release children shoes and built another new model immediately. In the 70s, Clarks started to lay out new technology and new material for shoes-making; they broke through the traditional method and started to produce soled with polyurethane which lightened the weight of shoes. In 90s, Clarks committed to develop some retail chain stores and enlarged their marketing shares. Now, the turnover Clarks over the world has been 955 million pounds, average 41 million pairs of shoes are sold every year, Clarks has more than twelve thousand staffs and is becoming a top brand.