As we all know, iPod Dock interface allows patent fee, then which seems to be the entry barrier to for many manufacturers. Simultaneously, the uniqueness of iPod Dock interface is also limited the compatibility of other devices. Recently, a group of teachers in the University of Michigan have developed a headphone jack that can control iPhone from another interface. It sounds like a joke, but it is not. This group designed a circuit for sending a special frequency to iPhone, and then loading the information on the 22 kHz audio signals. In fact, the system is composed by the TI MSP430 microcontroller, while its power is only 7.4mW. Currently, this technology can be applied to ECG interface, temperature / humidity sensors, PIR motion sensors and other equipments. So there’s a new conjecture is that the headphone jack may be the new channel to Jailbreak iPhone. However, it is still unknown whether this device can access the bottom device’s information and also acquire the higher-level authorities or not. Of course, if it succeeds, then hackers can be deeply Jailbreak iPhone and control the entire device. But now we are not sure whether it will achieve or not. Let’s look forward to see the exactly fact in the near future.