Do you remember when gas prices were never an issue? We never thought twice about them, and when we did they were still cheaper than today’s prices? It’s frustrating to know how much money we spend and how much we’ve spent on gas all these years. A large portion of our paycheck goes to gas each week and there really isn’t that much we can do about it. Sure, we can carpool and drive as little as possible, but we can’t change the price of gas. Or is there a way we can pay less for gas? To find out the perks of gas credit cards, continue reading below.

Convenience: First of all, there is nothing more convenient than simply swiping your card at the pump. This is a huge convenience in the winter especially! We don’t have to run it and pay, but instead just swipe our card for a quick in and out.

Keep track: A gas credit card is also a great way to keep track of how much we’re actually spending on gas. If you’d like to keep better track, get a gas credit card and only use it on your gas purchases. This will keep your organized and show you where your money is going.

Cash back: The best part about getting a gas credit card is the cash back! Some gas cards give you up to 10% back on all of your fuel purchases! So lets say you spend $100 a week on gas, you can save $10 each week, do that all year and you’ve saved over $500! That is a huge perk! We could all use more money so getting more for our money is great!

Rewards: When we get cash back for just using our card we can get several rewards. I’ve gotten plenty of gift cards over time and I’ve even been able to use my savings towards money on my monthly statements! So not only are we saving money with every gas purchase we make, but we’re also able to get gift cards and our money back to pay our bills!

Discounts: You may also find that you can get some great discounts! Some cards give you discounts on rental car purchases along with insurance, discounts on taking your car into the shop and some even go as far as to saving 10% at the grocery store every now and then. Dealing with our car can be expensive, so if we can save any money at all on body work or just getting an oil change even, we’ll take it!

A lot of people are against getting another credit card. Although, if you have a main credit card that you use for everything or emergencies and gas card you’re all set! There is nothing better than actually saving money on gas or getting discounts on other things just because you’ve used a certain card! There are a lot of things you can be rewarded for, so start getting rewarded and start saving money on the things we have paying for!