A wealth vase is an ancient Chinese amulet that was used to bring wealth and prosperity to Chinese families from the time immemorial.

Back then, only the wealthiest people could afford to make such a talisman. The vessels would be passed from one generation to another, helping each generation to remain wealthy through the social changes. Today, a wealth vase can be made by anyone who wants to improve their overall financial situation. The efforts spent for the creation of your amulet can bring an impressive “return on investment”. The vase has to have a special design and “ingredients.” In this article, we give tips for the making of your own vessel of wealth in the traditions of the Chinese feng shui.

Design: The Chinese vases were typically made of ceramic in a traditional Chinese style – they were white with blue drawings on their surface. The images would often portray dragons – the potent symbol of wealth and dreams that come true. Therefore, the first thing to do is to locate a vessel like the one we just described, or something very similar. The most essential aspect is that the vase should not be transparent. Some people use vessels made of metals (copper, silver, and gold) rather than ceramic. The vase should be rounded, squat, and have a narrowed neck (large enough to place the ingredients).

Ingredients: There are a number of ingredients that you can use for your wealth vase. We will list the most essential ones; however, keep in mind that you don’t have to use all of them. It will suffice to use those that you can find. Some of the most essential ingredients don’t cost much – the most important aspect is to add things that symbolize wealth specifically for you. The ingredients include: soil, dry foods, paper money, coins, gold, special pictures, semi-precious gemstones, crystals, a ring, and a Wealth God figurine. Let’s discuss the ingredients and their placement.

Ingredient placement: The soil is the symbol of stability; it should be given to you by someone wealthy; it needs to be placed on the very bottom. Dry foods are the symbol of nourishment and wellbeing – they need to be placed on top of the soil. Next go the paper money and coins (in any currencies), which should preferable be given to you by a wealthy person; the coins and money can be placed in a red sack, and then placed inside. Any gold item can be used to symbolize wealth. The pictures are anything that symbolizes wealth specifically for you, such as mansions, cars, clothes, etc. A ring is a symbol of constant energy circle – it can be placed in a red sack or a small bowl, and then placed inside. Affordable semi-precious gemstones and crystals will help to fill the vessel to its brim, to symbolize abundance. Finally, you will need to place any Chinese Wealth God on top of the “ingredients” – the god will protect your wealth and help you multiply it tenfold.

Cover: The vessel needs to be covered with 5 cloths (blue, green, red, yellow, and white on top), and then tied with 5 strings in the same colors.

Placement: The wealth vase has to be placed in the bedroom, preferably in the southeast (the Wealth and Prosperity zone). Let this potent amulet bring all the material prosperity that you strive for.