While it has been said that education is a privilege and not a luxury, the truth is that a college education nowadays costs thousands of dollars. Fortunately, student loans have been made readily available and fairly easy to secure. After you graduate, you can then choose to pay off these debts or have them combined, as in the case of a student loan debt consolidation.

Essentially, student loans are low-interest loans that allow students to pay for tuition, school materials and references, and living expenses while in college. There are two major kinds of student loans: federal loans and private loans, and each can be combined with scholarships and other financial assistance programs to facilitate the full completion of a student’s college education. Unfortunately, despite the easy repayment terms, there are still some who find it difficult to repay off these debts after they graduate. For this reason, many have looked into student loan debt consolidation as their way out. This is a great way to get off on a fresh start in establishing one’s new life and career as a professional right after graduation.

The hard facts
According to statistics, almost 50% of recent college graduates have taken out student loans, with the average borrowed amount pegged at $10,000. Since student loans are different from standard ones in that the interest rates are normally lower (3-4%) and the payments are deferred until anywhere from six to twelve months (or longer) after graduation. It might be more difficult to apply for federal loans but these offer lower interest rates and easier payment terms. In contrast, taking out a private loan could be as easy as filling up an application form; however, these usually charge higher interest rates, so one has to carefully check for these details. For those who availed of multiple loans and are finding it difficult to keep up with payments, especially since they are still adjusting to the real world, there are various options to help them pay off their debts. For example, one can avail of refinancing or combine their multiple loans into a single one through debt consolidation.

The advantages of student loan debt consolidation
Holding down a new job, adjusting to a new lifestyle, and managing one’s finances are difficult responsibilities a new graduate must face. For this reason, having one’s student loans combined into a single one through debt consolidation seems like a very sensible choice. The first advantage is that a consolidated loan will automatically minimize accrued interest payments and help a fresh graduate save hundreds of dollars in the process. Next, having to deal with just one company or agency simplifies the whole idea of repayment and makes it more manageable and doable.

Third, student loan debt consolidation helps you improve your credit rating. With a positive credit score, it will be much easier to take out new loans for the necessities of living independently such as a new car, and eventually, a new home. Most importantly, consolidating student loan debts will help the new graduate get off on a fresh start toward complete financial independence.