People all over the world seem to love romances from ancient times to the present. They put their wishes into different things and hope that their dreams can become true with the help of those meaningful things, such as, the rose for love, the diamond for permanence, the scarf for warmth and so on. Then what about the wallet? Some say the wallet is for bringing you a fortune. Some say it reminds you of cherishing your wealth. Actually, when you receive a gift, no matter what it is, you may have you own opinion and it is the unique for you. One day I sorted out the meaning of my wallet sent by him.   There are all kinds of wallets in my drawer, which are all from Walt, from LV to Prada, from Adidas to Mickey Mouse. When my friends came to visit me and saw my wallets, they were very surprised with their mouths open widely.   Walt and I first met in a certain supermarket. It was a very interesting experience. I was going to pay for my goods when I saw a young girl stealing a man’s wallet in the queue, but he had no idea of what was happening to him. I walked straightly towards the man and gave him a slap in his left face. “So, because of her, you want to break up with me?” I pretended to be his ex-girlfriend. His face turned red at once and he was very angry. “Pa!” Just before he said a word, his wallet fell on the floor. Something shone brightly in his eyes. As soon as I walked away, he picked up his wallet and followed me.   Since then, we have become the best friends. He often invited me to dinner after work or asked me to see a film on the weekends. Friends said that we were in love but I denied it, for he didn’t give me any indication until my birthday. To my surprise, he held a very big birthday party for me in a café. Moreover, he prepared me a LV wallet. I knew he had a small company and earned some money these years, but I really couldn’t accept such an expensive gift. He said “You deserve it. My life has changed a lot since I met you. You are more valuable for me than the wallet. I love you!” I was deeply moved. I just could say nothing but “Yes”.   Walt seemed to like wallets very much. He often sent me all kinds of wallets, especially, when his company succeeded in some very important programs. When he sent me the 30th one, I asked him why he always sent me wallets. He smiled and said “It is because of the wallet that I can know you. So I love wallets. Besides, my father told my mother that shopping was a good habit for girls, which was also one of the most important things couldn’t be given up, for it would force your boyfriend or husband to work harder for your better future. I want you to live a better life without worrying about money. And I hope when you pay for anything you like each time, you can think of me”. I was moved again and I just couldn’t remember how many times I was moved by him. No wonder someone says that the most valuable thing hidden behind romance is the heart. Is there anyone using money earned by their lovers at random? No. They will cherish everything of their boyfriends or girlfriends.   I married Walt after we had been together for two years. Finally,I made it clear that the wallet is not only for bringing you a lot of money but also for happiness in life.