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What's in vogue in 2010 men's wallet
Matthew Amundson
By Matthew Amundson
Published on 08/8/2011
Honestly speaking, it is odd to talk about fashion in wallet, especially for men’s.

What's in vogue in 2010 men's wallet
Honestly speaking, it is odd to talk about fashion in wallet, especially for men’s. One the one hand, men’s wallet is a core accessory often utilized to store money and credit cards, on the other hand, it's also often overlooked in terms of style. However, as individuality is frequently stressed in the fashion arena, A wallet becomes one of the most appreciated fashion icon you can disturb a businessman with, or any man who cares about elegance and kudos.

Over the past few years, Men’s wallets have not changed in terms of basic types. Bi-fold, tri-fold, money clips and credit card holders are all basic types of men’s wallets. In 2010,Genuine leather wallets without glitz and glamour continues to gain a large fan base. These wallets are more expensive, but you can really tell the difference in the texture and look compared to faux leather wallets. Characterized by classic color, sharp-cut edge, standardized low-key design, They still have its endless appeal to businessman.

Nordstrom Italian Leather Bi-fold Men’s Wallet with Removable Passcase

Getting bored with the unconvertible old-mannish version? Now good news for trend-spotters! Changing specific details or embellishments of these basic types is starting to become trends among men. Let’s take a look!

Coach Penelope small wallet

If you don’t feel like wearing corporate suits, the above wallet seems a great complement to your casual wear, opposed to the uniform wallet, it makes some bold design: hand-tailored jacquard fabric with decorative pattern and leather trim really enrich the dull and plain color background.

For youngsters, a brand new trend is to buy a famous brand wallet with embossed or engraved marking that has something to do with your personal life, no matter what it is, your initials or monogram, a whimsical icon, or even some symbol in another language is OK, as long as it represents you and showcasing your personality——that’s called“signature wallet”.

Rioni Signature Men's Wallet

Rioni’s wallet has the clip engraved with Ferragamo monogram print,if you want it special, just call for the custom-made service and have your monograms on it!
In 2010, there is another brand new style come into vogue by its revolutionary design——money clamp.

Money clamp merges from nowhere and well-placed to grasp great attention by rendering traditional money clips obsolete. The product’s masculine design and hale curve makes a strong statement about the person carrying it, also the smart and compact size serves well for the modern man on the go, allowing them to carry their cards and bills without the inconvenience of a bulky wallet.

As the wallet is no longer neglected in the fashion arena, In 2010, I am sure there will be more and more options for men with non-conformist and personalized shapes and models.