f you are tired of the normal simple colors, now you have a chance to  refresh yourself now. In the new 2011, the new fashion trend will Color  Contrast, which means millions colors will be mixed and contrasted  together to express another unique grace. All ladies do not need a color  any more, multiples colors will be used in any fashion design.  Bright Yellow:  Bright yellow plays a key role in the new 2011 fashion. Yellow always  brings us refresh and happy, and mixed with white, this two color  contrast shows us a feeling of the early spring. Also in Paris, bright  yellow has the same shine and optimistic as the sun, so mixed with blue,  watermelon pink and purple, we can have another pretty color-changing  feeling. Gem Blue:   Blue is always the bigshot in every fashion shows. In Milan show,  blue is explained into another vivid cobalt blue, which is mixed with  light green or orange. Well in Paris fashion show, blue is contrasted  with white linen shows another deep and rich tone in a simple way. Juice Orange:   Orange and coral are always the beloved in spring and summer show. In  Paris, we see the tasty orange or Stella McCartney”s lemon printing or  the pink and yellow color contrast. While in Milan, orange shows another  warm tone. Mixed with ginger and chilly red or cinnamon brown, Milan’s  orange shows you a 70’s Bohemia Style to let you enjoy the interest in  hunting. 70’s Style:   70’s Style is the most important origin of inspiration in this 2011  fashion show. Gucc and Pucci combined perfectly the Hippies style with  Gypsy style to show you another Punk period in the old 70’s. Modern Vocation Style:   This trend is affected by the former design made of Céline, Chloé,  Prada and Stella McCartney, to shoe you the feeling of simple and  leisure. This Modern style gives up any additional decoration to  highlight a simple and clean figure, also by mixing with bright color  and exaggerated pattern, the modern style is always the most prevailing  which every brand is looking for!