The urgency to repay debts will cause people to find quick financial solutions. Some of those solutions may cost the debtor more money than was originally owed but some people think that the means of settling that debt were the only solution. In some cases, the need was a matter of life and death, and nobody could place a dollar figure on that. Quick financial solutions, however, could cause a long-term reduction in the money available to pay other expenses.

Those without health care insurance might be denied treatment if they were taken by ambulance to a medical facility that did not accept indigent patients. The minimum deposit of $100 is often required before any patient is accepted for treatment. To save time and life, some people will choose to place that deposit using a credit card reserved for emergencies. This solution to a cash shortage is only a band-aid to the cash flow problem because that debt will have to be repaid at a later date and the interest rate will cause the patient to incur more debt in the process.

Some people need quick financial solutions to have automotive work completed. The mechanic could charge almost $100 to perform a diagnostic's check on the automobile to discover what is wrong with it. Most people know that the mechanical work will be performed without any form of payment, and that there will be no quick financial solutions to pay for it unless a loan is generated from some place. The urgency of the need might drive people to obtain loans with interest rates above 300% and then have to struggle to repay the loan each month for up to a year or more.

The logic used for using these forms of financial solutions is fairly simple. Since a mechanical lien can be placed on all mechanical work performed, and customers are not able to use the car to drive from work until the work is paid in full, quick financial solutions will be found to return the car to its owner. Some people will use the title for their automobile as collateral for a loan as the quick financial solution that they devised to pay for the work performed. Some title loan dollar limits are low so people are forced to apply online for another loan.

Some people use the credit card money limits as the financial solutions for getting anything they want. Hotel rooms for a quick trip on a weekend can be booked and paid for with a major credit card. The quick financial solutions for payment of dining and entertainment expenses during any type of travel can be solved with one piece of plastic or several if the financial needs are greater. The expenses for any trip can escalate quickly and people might not realize that they have reached a credit card limit until the charge is denied, and they find quick financial solutions by selecting another credit card from a wallet.

Some credit card companies prohibit the use of credit cards to obtain funds for use at internet gambling sites. While ready cash requests for those facilities are denied to customers, the same branded name credit card companies will be very hospitable to providing funds for entertainment at all land-based gambling facilities. Those companies offer quick access to cash through cash machines, which are located in many places on the casino floor. The quick financial solutions for gambling and entertainment expenses will require repayments over a period, and could include finance charges and late fees if the payments are delayed for any reason.