The Chinese traditional Lunar New Year is on the corner. This year is  the Year of the Rabbit in Chinese twelve animals symbolizing the Twelve  Branches used to designate years. The Danish fashion brand Pilgrim  well-designs limited edition jade rabbit series for Chinese consumers.  The new inspiration originates from the rabbit image in Chinese myth  that tells a rabbit in the moon to pound medicine in a mortar for the  celestials. At the same time, the jade rabbit takes on the  responsibility of expressing best wishes to spend beautiful and nice  nights with loved person. There  rabbit series includes bracelet, necklace, earring and ring the all  series of jewelry. And rabbit is in color of gold and silver that make  the rabbit shiny. These jewelries embellish many different lovely models  of rabbits so that make the every model symbolic. The super craft is to  use Swarovski’s crystal and made by hands. The Swarovski’s crystal  reflects its brightness dazzles the eyes to welcome the Rabbit Year  come. If you were born in the rabbit year in Chinese Lunar Calendar, you should wear one of them as a gift and symbol of luck. The  necklace is made of silver and gold. The three rabbit images are  connected by diamonds chains between them. And it has a long silver  chain in the end so that you can change its length in your preference or  in accordance with your dresses match. Besides, these diamonds are  inlaid as pendants. The necklace is elegant and fashionable. This  is another stylish rabbit image necklace. It has two styles and the  important part is the rabbit pendant. The chain is gold and silver that  cannot change its length unlike the former one. And there is a gold  bracelet. The rabbit image and diamonds are combined with each other so  that they reflect each other. Wearing the necklace and bracelet is  festival to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. There  are two rabbit image rings that made of gold and silver. They are  inlaid diamonds on the rings’ base and rabbit images are stuck to the  diamonds. The model gives you a feeling of rabbit is pounding medicine  in a morta. And the model is justlike a lifelike riding rabbit  that  suits to Chinese rabbit myth. If you and your love wear them  respectively, you will be regarded as the golden boy and jade girl in  Chinese idiom. These  are two fashionable gold and silver earrings. On the upper of ring,  there is inlaid a shiny diamond and its lower part connects a rabbit  image. In the end, it is made of tassels decorated by gold and silver  beads. The long earrings will make your face delicate and cute. If you  would like to appreciate the dense atmosphere of Chinese New Year, you  can wear the earrings to catch striking eyes in the crowd. In a word, Pilgrim has promoted a series of cute rabbit images in  2011. They are the special jewelries for Chinese Lunar New Year and will  lead a fashionable trend in jewelry industry and consumers.