1. Price The material produced by whole piece of lambskin of ugly boots is very expensive, fur and leather are in a whole piece, and the soles of the shoes also have special structure. Even the factory price is never under 29.24$, so you should remember that all low- price ugly boots are imitation brand. 2. Color Salable goods always have well-balance color which can rely on the color standard on UGG website, and the colors between inside and outward appearance are the same. 3. Style The feeling of the vamp of these ugly boots is very soft; the style of it also is very exquisite. All cashmere inside the shoes is orderly, the density and length of which are uniform, it is very comfortable to wear, and especially you wear them barefooted. The most important point is that you will never have a feeling of pressure and keep you warm and relaxed. 4. Structure A. a Main Label is attached inside of your new ugly boots that introducing the style, name, identifier, and material, size and producing place. B. a piece collating mark is pasted in the side face of the shoes box You can learn the color, or other basic information. C. Two shoes of one pair should in same color, mark in same part, the length of shoes head and the height of heel lasting should in same number. D. The needle lines should be in same appearance, no missed stitch and break line. E. shoes should be clean and tidy, smooth gonging feeling and no transformation. F. There is an “R” marked in the sole of the shoes. G. ALL UGG ugly shoes are handiwork. Traditional sheepskin boots are whole sheepskin and leather; it is about one centimeter thick, so don not be cheated by some personators.