Will it deserve to spend all my one-month salary on a purse? When I first come across this question the only utterance is " Oh, man.You can't be serious". With this arbitrary sense, words of that type will just automatically throw out from my mouth. But with second consideration, I think I will divide this topic into two analytical bases: Would I buy it for myself or the one I care as well as what I'm going to reap from the application of that purse: product, service, brand recognition and the attitudes of the salesperson. The choice I make depends on who I buy it for. For personal use, to use up all my savings in a month on something means less valuable to me is just like calling me out to somewhere I'm not interested in. It can never be reality in the light of consciousness. However, things change if I'm intended to buy this wallet for my parents, my girlfriend or my sister. I care about them so I would do anything I can to please them. However , the intention of buying a purse just comprises fraction of my buying determination. I can't solely spend my one-month salary, which is earned by my intelligence as well as strength, on a precious purse arbitrarily. There are other factors I need to take into account. The utility, after-sales services, courtesy of the salesperson and whether it's a name brand can somehow influence my purchase. I need the purse to be durable, good looking and at a reasonable price. Besides, insufficient after-sales services can discourage me from making the choice, which will cost all my salary. What's more, the courtesy and the image of salesperson are the determining factors since no one would like a salesperson that is really unbearable and to a certain extent eliminate the desire of buying the product. When I choose to purchase a wallet , things above are the major concerns that can somehow affect my decision. As a rational consumers, we always want the product the maximum utility while less cost.