About two years ago, when I was a student, was not too much money. All the money came from home, so I had always live frugally. At that time ,I had a boyfriend, he called Dave, he and I had the same situation, but he loved me more than himself. As long as I liked the things I said, he would try every means to buy for me. I aways smiled and said to him, why were you so foolish? He said: "Because of you, I am willing to do anything." After listening to his words, I was very impressed. One day, it was really a lovely day. He and I had a date, place was set in the shopping walking street. In a relatively high-grade shop, I fell in love with a long clip of a red purse. The purse was a good gloss, touched it felt very comfortable. But the price I saw immediately that it was disappointed to me. It’s price was¥599.So I took Dave left the store quickly. Eventhough I loved the wallet very much, I knew I couldn’t have it. He seemed to read my thoughts. After a month, One day Dave was injured to the hospital. I heard the news, then immediately to the hospital. When I saw him lying in bed, his right foot was wrapped with a thick gauze. I suddenly started to cry. At the moment, Dave took the box which packaging is very delicate. He said with a handsome simle: ”Gave you, you open the box to see what is inside.” I opened, and a red purse is displayed in front of the familiar to my eyes. Dave said he spent a month's time to do part-time, and finally buy the wallet. Way back in the day, a car hit his right foot, so... I cried at this time more fiercely, and said said why are you so foolish? He said: "Because of you, I am willing to do anything." After one year, because some of the issues between us, which led to break up. Each time I see this red wallet in my drawer, I still have bouts of sadness, that there are so in love with a boy I used to.