Are you looking for a way to revamp your current wardrobe without  spending a lot of money? Then why not purchase tights-an inexpensive way  to add color and style to your everyday outfits?  Tights are a kind of leg garment, most often covering the body from  the waist to the feet with a more or less tight fit. Wearing of tights  has a long history going back several centuries, when they were worn by  men. Then they are usually worn by dancers on stage. Today, they have  become an accessory that decorates your legs or your dress in a stylish  way. They are versatile and functional, keeping you warm in cold weather  and serving as a tool in some sports. However, sometimes women tend to  forget the importance role tights play in outfit. They are not only  cozy, but they fulfill feminization of women. For decades, women prefer black tights because black always presents  classic. Recently, more and more women wear colored tights in daily  life. People gradually realize that colored tights can be a great look.  Actually, colored tights have become very popular since Blair Waldorf,  from the television show Gossip Girl had been seen wearing tights with  daring colors and patterns.  However, not everyone choose perfect colors or patterns for them.  Therefore, many things should be taken into considerations when choosing  colored tights. Here some basic information about how to select colored tights according to your body shape. 1. If you have thicker legs, stay away from bright, neon colors as  they only draw the attention towards them. Please keep in mind, the  thicker the legs, the darker the tights. Moreover, you should never wear  tights with big prints, horizontal stripes if your legs are short and  thick because they tend to thicken your legs. If you still want to wear  printed tights, just keep the rest of your look as simple as you can. 2. As for skinny girls, they enjoy much more ranges when selecting  colors. In generally, everything is allowed as long as you match them  with style.