iaget is so always famous for its unique design, which is always  lovely as well as mature. Also this new Limelight serial will let you  astonish enough to surprise what a high-tech Piaget is using here.  Limelight Magic Hour Wristwatch shows us the various emotions of the  magic hour, whish brings you more feeling of luxury and grace. Now let  me show you!  Limelight Magic Hour – Various emotions of time  How  to change a time look just in a sudden? Now let this Magic hour tell  you. This Limelight Magic Hour has three different time style which is  hidden in this mysterious Piaget Studio: Three different styles, three  different wearing ways just can create another endless time reading way.  By using the exclusive flinqué-tech-made watch dial, the diamond time  pointer luxury brand, the olive case expresses your traditional grace  than ever.  Limelight XL – Extreme Grace  Fat  design case has a round smooth body and emotional outline to highlight  the time in your wrist. Around the two cases, there are millions  shinning diamonds embed here, and with a 18K gold watch circle, slim  delicate dial as well as the Arabic pointer, your extreme female grace  can be expressed thoroughly here.