As we all know, Samsung is a famous brand, it was established in 1965 and it has more than 40 years history.
Samsung has many kinds of products, such as digital camera, DV, TV,  mobile phone, ect. Its mobile phones are called “Anycall”. There are  three main prominent advantages of Anycall: Fashion design and precise  process quality, and satisfying screen and ringtones.
Today, we’ll talk about an Anycall model:Samsung GT-B7732.

First hotspot of the Samsung B7732 is its dual SIM card dual standby  trait. There is few name brands who produce cell phones with dual SIM  card dual standby, Samsung might be one of the few. This trait allows  people use different SIM cards at the same time. For a business person,  they need two cards, one for business and one for family, perfectly  handle your business and personal affairs separately. And for people who  love travelling, one fixed card for your old friends to contact you and  one changeable card for making new friends. Two mobile phones are  troublesome, with this function, one mobile phone is enough.

B3372used more elegant clamshell modeling, there are two screens: the  outer screen is 2.2” and the inner screen is 3.0”, and its body is  built with metallic, supplemented by exquisite drawing technology, plus  the size of 103*54*20, this machine appears mature.
Samsung GT-B7732 has two cameras, one at back and one in front,  support 3G video calls. It could be both keyboard and handwriting input,  you can use either input style as you like.
No doubt many new mobile brands are hits the mobile market very  frequently. But these new brands need to take most of their time in  making their strong position in the mobile market like Samsung mobile  has. It is a long way to go.