If you are tired of the normal watches which can only tell you the time, now you are wrong totally. This moonwatch designed by The Emotion Lab can show your recent emotions in a moon way. Now let me tell you something! Moonwatch from Spanish design studio The Emotion Lab is a watch that tells you current phase of the moon. With a push of a button Moonwatch will also show you the time. The time is shown on the black background during the day and on the white background in night hours. Moonwatch is designed to establish a relationship between the moon cycle and a person’s emotional states. It’s a new concept of time based on nature which invites people to reflect upon and gain a closer understanding of their mood and daily life on earth. We all know that the moon has been a guide and object of admiration and mysticism during thousands of years. Agriculture, fertility, tidal patterns, human behavior and many other activities have been linked to the different moon phases. So this moon watch just uses the same way to express your emotions in a moon way which you have ever seen before. So using this moonwatch way, you will know well the ways to control your own emotions every day. With the perfect emotion working and living is another fantastic experience for you.