Do you remember the film Titanic? James Cameron demands that all the props must be real when he directs this film, so a diamond is necessary, and named it “Heart of Ocean” also called it Hope Diamond. There is a mysterious of this special stone, “a secret magic power”, all beautiful diamonds are grant to humans as treasures, and diamonds in dark blue is rarest. There is only big pieces in the whole world, belongs to them, Hope Diamond in fancy dark grayish-blue piece is so far the legendary large diamond in the world. Existing in the world, Hope Diamond weight 45.52 carat, It has the extremely rare deep       blue color, clear bright and do not contain any impurities, and display a fascinating beauty. However it sends out a feeling of pullbacks and evil, even it used to be called Luckless Diamond, why? The reason is that it is full of strange and sad experience and always take bad luck to his master in its mystery history, so, Hope Diamond takes that disaster to the ship and the passengers in Titanic. Though this diamond is a luckless one, humans love diamond for its valuable meaning, forever love. In many films show love with diamond, it likes a immortal seed which will grow up a warmhearted or mystery story. The V.I.P.s, London Airport flight takes off and delays, the life of many rich people and upper class people changed, though The V.I.P. is not praised very much, but the luxurious life Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton stand and the High-quality jewelry are attract audiences deeply. The Spirit, In the movie posters, Eva Mendes wear an Ruby earrings and bite a diamond bracelet in her mouth express temptation. This bracelet is supplied by Bvlgari, it is a top white golden set auger, 11.36 carat, value $33 million Lust, caution, a piece of diamond size as a dove egg makes Jiazhi Wang feel the love of Mr. Yi and then love him and change the result of whole assassination plan. in the story, the key focus of Cartier antique diamond ring with weight 6 carat with two layers surrounding the stone, flashing white diamond is foiled, using the 1940s most classic enchase way, the cast spent four months time, ask many famous jewelry brand, only in Cartier Paris corporation find it. Jewelry is treat as forever feeling, every want to own one, do you have ever wear some?