The  beauty of Flowers is often a flash in a pan in the world of nature.  Therefore, fashion designers coincidentally apply flowers in their  works. They often make out lively flowers with 3D shape by using Hollow  –out design, lace, wrinkling, collage and so on. Headwear  Since the Gossip Girl became famous all over the world, garnish on  the head is no longer limited to the hats. The application of lace,  Hollow –out design, wrinkles and pearls make ladies noble and grace.  These flowers also have a classical sense. Handbags  Flowers on your handbags can be a fine choice in order to be more  attractive. The flower decorated handbags are filled of a rural villatic  flavor. The style of ancient ways is so peculiar that you cannot help  tearing yourself away from them. Decorations  Only when you look at these glaring accessories, you know what mean  by saying seeing things in a blur. These accessories which are cut and  polish elaborately by metals, gemstones, and pearls are like spirits  bounding on women’s sexiest parts of body. Isn’t it beautiful and  charming? Even in winter, they can accompany with you. Shoes  A pair of beautiful shoes can be one of the most important elements  for your dressing. With the decoration of flowers, your feet will be  cuter more slime.