Motorola had won a lot of cheer in the 2011 Consumer Electronics  Show. Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha stressed on their new product: Motorola  Atrix 4G, he also raved about the Atriz 4G’s 4-inch qHD display and 1 GB  of RAM. Jhn was also excited about the Atrix 4G’s ability to port its  content to a larger computer screen through a new Motorola Webtop  application and docking stations.  Since then, Motorola Atrix 4G becomes a popular topic, and many  people are expected to see what are actually strong points of this  smartphone. But we always haven’t heard much about the exact launch  date…Yesterday, some documents of this date was leaked, showed that this  super phone will meet its users in March 1.  What are Motorola Atrix 4G’s powerful traits? First, it has a  dual-core CPU and has some optional accessories that can turn it into a  very power mobile workstation. This is done via the Webtop application,  allowing users to run their Android application. They can browse the Web  with the Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13 browser and send messages and make  phone calls at the same time. This multi-task function is stronger than  just one cell phone do and save a lot of time. For beginners, a detailed  notebook can teach you step by step. You can find other traits that Atrix such as 4G HSPA+ data support on  AT&T’s network for speed downloads, a 4-inch quarter HD resolution  touch screen display, Android 2.2 oerating system, and 16GB of internal  storage and expand slot with miscroSD. Maybe Motorola Atrix 4G is really a powerful smartphone, there also  lies a problem: however the accessories are optional, if you want to  experience the new technology, you have to buy. So the result is that  you have to buy two things: a mobile phone and an accessory.