It is important to find the common colorific collocation of earrings, eyes, or your skin. If you have beautiful white skin, a pair of brown earrings is a good choice. It will make you more elegant. In addition, it will be perfect to dye your hair into light reddish brown. Below the natural light, we can see that there are several colors in our eyes with a mirror. Like the brown eyes, they often present mostly brown color. Meanwhile, there are some other colors in the eyes, such as red, green, yellow, and so on. As a matter of fact these colors are all fit for you. It is the same with the Chinese people with black eyes and Europeans with blue eyes. The French particularly like to dress up in the light of their eyes. In fact the color of eyes and the color of skin cannot be changed. The color of your hair can be dyed to other colors, but the earrings can be the most flexible. As a result, we should put great emphasis on our earrings. We can carefully harmonize the colors of eyes, skin, fair, and earrings. The coordinate of these will reflect your taste, and make you more charming.