Handbags can add more extra points to your overall figure, therefore every time you go out, you may think about whether your clothes can match your handbags. You might be take both the color and the style into consider. Actually, it may be different when you participate in different activities or occasions, so it is obvious that bag matching has been also a kind of basic knowledge. Here are several eye-catching handbags I recommended for business women, so if you are one of them then it may give you some ideas. 1. D&G Textile Handbag The black and white textile pattern is full of school style, and the youth and leisure temperament make our heart warm and delight. You would not help to think of those days that taking part in the Christmas bonfire party on campus. 2. Bulgari Chandra Marten Fur Handbag It is a standard handbag with dowager’s temperament, the marten fur and python skin material makes this handbag prominent. But I suggest that women whom under the age of 40 should be carefully to select, because such powerful handbag is only suitable for rich and experienced woman, while it seems old fashioned for the young woman. 3. La Maison de la VANILLE Lambskin Handbag I have to say that the sepia & camel color cannot be ignored in this winter, this lambskin handbag is clean and neat. The white trim wool purfle brings warmth to everyone. If you are boring with the black and gray or other deep colors in this winter, nd other colors, you may get such kind of bag to light yourself. 4. Yves Saint Laurent New Designed Brandy “Pairs’ Left Bank” Handbag We cannot help to think of many beautiful things when just listening to its fascinating name. This simple and impressive handbag is from French luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent. It is the perfect symbol of the French’s leisurely fashion temperament. The lattice patterns on the bag just like the chocolate that French always loved. 5. Burberry Black Rivet Travelling Bag This handbag is original from Burberry in 2010, the black color adds the sturdy rivets make the bag handsome and tough. No matter what terrible storm is in winter, you would never worry with this bag’s protection. 6. MiuMiu Panther Puma Sheepskin Handbag It is really a lovely handbag with two round buttons, which is suitable for many ages’ girls. With this pretty handbag, it makes girls mature but lovely. But if you are a mature girl, it can make you get more popularity. 7. Burberry Prorsum Handbag This handbag inherited Burberry Prorsum’s uniform style, and the brown gradual color leather is sturdy enough. When you are going to the special occasions or parties, you can wear it to match your evening dress. 8. Sara Berman Kidskin Leather Handbag Sara Berman is known as its young and promising designers, many of their works are selling to British and Japan. Sara Berman’s designing style is based on plain and innocent, this handbag is perfectly showed this feature. 9. Jimmy Choo Sylvia Large Size Kidskin Handbag Recent years, UGG snow boots has been increasingly popular among people all over the world. Jimmy Choo camel suede handbag is reconstructed by UGG snow boots. The thick foam and the extra warm touch make people put them in their arms in the winter without any reasons. 10. Yves Saint Laurent Panther Handbag Animal patterns become the fashion trend for fashion lovers when autumn and winter comes. This Yves Saint Laurent Panther Handbag is full of the wild style, so if you can perfectly control it, you must be the focus among the crowds. However, I have to remind you that animal pattern is really beautiful but it is very cruel to kill them for their furs. After all, the real high grade taste cannot be showed only by the famous and precious leathers.