POMELLATO, the top jewelry brand in Italy, makes a series of flowers patterns jewelry to narrate romance and sincerity in jewelry, run over with morbidezza and nobility of women. Arabesque Arabesque jewelry describes a series of stories about the jewelry design ideas. All the styles are in rosy gold hollowed patterns. There seems to be magic when gold flowers are matched with gemstones. Rings in this series are all made of green amethyst, amethyst and white crystal. Their colors can make out especially amazing effect. If you wear a ring in this series, you can be covered with a sense of mystery that are given by their stories. Nudo series rings adopt “bareness” design philosophy. And it makes thin ring circle so that outstands the natural shiny of diamond on the ring base. These rings are clear, simple but elegant. They not only can be worn alone, but can be matched other colorful jewelry in Nudo. It is a new presentation of jewelry in Capri and it uses two beautiful and delicate gemstones to introduce to the fashion world. One of the gemstones is light blue and clear chalcedony material, the other one is pink and romantic rose-stone to make out new jewelry. And they are made by bombe craft so that make a strong contrast in vision with hues of rings. The contrast can reflect your gentle and charm in the blue light. M’ama non m’ama This new series styles in jewelry include 9 delicate rings. Everyone style symbolizes different sincere feelings respectively. Every ring is inlaid a crystal diamond: fire opal represents warmth, mysterious amethyst is eagerness, and olivine is admiration, crystal moon gemstone is happiness. These exquisite jewelry explain complex feelings in deeply heart. So you can wear it in accordance with your person taste and interest. While the different matches can make others read what the situation you are. They are sensitive to feel. Tabou Tabou makes a new series of rings in evening banquet. They have big ring circle with an air of rock. The diamonds are oval and round amethyst, garnet and blue colors look like bright lotus under the contrast of silver ring circles. And they are sound matched with Pomellato classic rosy gold rings. Besides, there is a catching-eye place where the curve designs of rings make them be earnest jewelry in women. Bahia Bahia rings have two designs. One is the ring inlaid a gemstone that they have strong contrast in colors, and the other one is three huge colorful gemstones inlaid small clear gemstones. If you wear the former in daytime, it can shows your feminine special disposition and wearing it at night will make you more catching-eye because of its contrast with darkness. The latter one is shiny and dazzling; you will become the core in crowd. In the series, you can find one style suitable to you.