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Ways to wear a beret
Maria Stack
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By Maria Stack
Published on 08/9/2011
Featuring a soft fluffy crown and a snug headband, berets are favored by many people. Wearing beret may make you look stylish and elegant. It is not difficult for you to choose a beret and there are some ways for you to wear it properly. Thanks to the soft crown and the high-qualified materials, you can match it many ways.

Ways to wear a beret
Girls always have great passion and wild imagination about their  wedding rings. It seems that  future sweet, colorful and happiness life  has been  designed into it.  Women  dream of their specail, unique  and  sparking engament or wedding ring in every sleepless night.  Without any  doubt, wedding rings are doomed to bear too much. So does this sapphire  ring which will be mentioned below.
Months ago, Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their  engagement.  While, the palace announced that their wedding will be in  2011 spring or summer.  The royal wedding will be held on the 30-year  anniversary of his parents’ wedding. It is said that Prince William’s  marriage brings a big cheer to the whole Britain in economic woes.  However,  what catched most people's attention is the ring on Kate's  finger.

Many people  recognized that the ring is sapphire and diamond  engagement ring which once belonged to  Diana. 30 years, so many people  witnessed the impressive wedding ceremony of Prince Charles and Princess  Diana. Accordingly, along with charming and graceful Princess Diana,   this preious was be remembered.
And Princess Diana's sapphire engagement ring has been a favorite  among jewelry lovers since she shocked the world with her  non-traditional choice back in 1981.

This natural blue sapphire weighs in at an astounding 18 carats and  is surrounded by 14 small diamonds in a cluster setting. The ring  originally cost about $60,000 but today is valued at over $500,000.
It was purchased at Garrard Jewelers, the oldest jewelry house in the  world and the official Crown Jeweler for Britain's royalty. The jeweler  presented Diana with a selection of engagement rings before her wedding  to Prince Charles, and this sapphire was her personal choice.