the second biggest pearl in the world    Have you ever seen such a big pearl as if human's brain? Pearl is one of the organic gemstones, which is shiny mineral granule  under the effect of endocrine in shellfishes’ internal body. According  to researches of geologists and archeologist, there have been pearls on  earth before two hundred million years ago. Far away from ancient times,  humans found pearls on the seaside when they seeking for foods. They  were attracted by crystal and white pearls so that leads trends of  pearls’ decorations.                 pearls   There are varieties of shapes of pearls. The round pearls are the  best. The colors have white, pink, yellow, black and dominant one is  white pearl. round pearl                 round pearl   Round pearl is the most popular in pearl processing industry.                   button-shaped pearl                   egg-shaped pearl                   pyriform pearl     The author is a copywriter focusing on -Cartier Roadster Swiss made watches.