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Ten kinds of world-best-known glasses brands
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Published on 08/9/2011
Ten Kinds of World-best-known Glasses Brands Nowadays, eyeglasses are not a symbol of egghead or bookworm any more, but a necessity of fashion

Ten kinds of world-best-known glasses brands
Ten Kinds of World-best-known Glasses Brands Nowadays, eyeglasses are not a symbol of egghead or bookworm any more, but a necessity of fashion. People wear glasses not only to see things clearly, but to show their style and characteristics. A good pair of glasses is perfect in quality and style at the same time. Ten kinds of world-famous glasses brands are listed as follow:       Prada: Choice of Fashion Queen   PRADA, a world-famous Italian brand with fabulous design and outstanding quality, is adored by every fashion votaries, especially a great number of superstars. Keeping practical functions and aesthetics balanced, the color, materials and styles of Prada glasses meet the needs of modern people perfectly. PRADA makes a Cinderella a Queen of fashion.       Oakley: Co-partner of the Tour de France   Oakley, co-established by Michael Jordon and Jim Jannard in 1975, broke with the traditional views of glasses and initiated the OAKLEY era. It’s famous for its unique sportive glasses which are comfortable, practical, stylish and high-performance. Moreover, all the Oakley glasses are produced, examined and packed in America.         Judith Leiber: Practitioner of Art Deco   Judith Leiber, early in 1946, launched a series of extraordinary sunglasses whose frames were made of 18K gold and decorated by jewels, crystals, agates and pearls. Judith, inspired by Art Deco, is particular about personal style. For instance, she frequently adds a cute seahorse in her designs, because she loves little animals.         Yves Saint Laurent: Excellent designed for elites   YSL glasses, integrating multiple features of arts and culture, are loved by elites, because they are modern and delicate. Like its other designs, LYS tends to use black which is common in formal occasions as its typical color to make its glasses look sharp. In addition, with exquisite workmanship, YSL glasses are the best choice for specialists or businessmen to show their maturity and style. Almost every pair of YSL glasses is decorated by its brand name “Yves Saint Laurent” or its shorted form “YSL”.         Donna Karan: New York City style   Donna Karan glasses are characterized by a strong New York City feel, which is in line with the ideas of beauty and fashion of Donna, the founder of the brand. Made by metal, plastic or other kinds of mixed materials, combining modern and classical ideas, DK glasses are popular among urban people, including Bruce Willy and Demi Moore.         Louis Vuitton: Luxurious and respectful handmade glasses   Louis Vuitton glasses, honored by the label “handmade”, are the quintessence of luxurious glasses. Its sunglasses, such as Evidence series, Possession series and Ursula Strass series, have anti-UV, anti-fog lens and light glasses frames. The stylish design and exquisite workmanship of LV glasses are adored and praised by fashion votaries around the world.         Chanel: Elegant and protective   Chanel glasses, most of whose glasses frame are natural curve style, are elegant and classical. Made by hard, corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant materials, the colors of Chanel glasses are plentiful and lasting. Applying anti-UV technology in making lenses, every Chanel glasses can prevent users’ eyes being hurt by UV.           Christian Dior: Forward and wild   CD glasses are popular among forward young generations who are fascinated by CD glasses’ various kinds of dramatic styles and colors. Made of CA plate, they are wild and extremely cool. Inspired by modern ideas of beauty, CD glasses are fashionable and forward. Moreover, “CD” is frequently used to decorate them.         Cartier: Unique style and quality   Cartier glasses focus on bringing out the modeling of their unique features. The frame of Cartier glasses made of high nickel alloy is fashionably neat and elastic. Moreover, with qualified lens, Cartier glasses can effectively protect users’ eye.         Charmant: Initiation in ergonomics and function   Charmant glasses win world reputation by their exquisite quality and practical functions. Nowadays, Charmant is making effort in ergonomic research in order to make its products comfortable and practical to wear. Applying new materials, such as alloy, pure titanium, the Charmant glasses frame is durable and stylish. Charmant is welcomed by customers in different social classes for its high quality and reasonable price.