When we finally make the dream of our small business come true, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. We need to find a place to start our business, market it, hire employees, decorate our office space and the list goes on. One thing that can help you get started in the beginning is a business credit card. These are great for several reasons and can really benefit a small business owner like yourself.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a business credit card, here are of the things one can offer you.

Credit limit: First of all, a business credit card is usually known for its high credit limit. You will notice that it has a much higher limit than most cards on the market. This is great if you’re looking to make big purchases but don’t have all that cash on you at once. It can come in very handy, especially when first starting your business and buying all the supplies at once.

Tax write off: It’s also great because you can use this credit card strictly for business and then at the end of the year write off all your business items. For example, if you’re buying three new computers for your office, you’d use your business credit card to buy them, keep your receipt and then write them off at the end of the year. This is a great way to stay organized and have everything all on one card or one bill.

Keep track: You also want to keep track of all your business expenses on one card simply because it’s much easier. If you need to know how much you’re spending monthly, you will have a card with only business supplies and purchases made on it. Having a main credit card for everything is great, but once you start using it for a business too, it can be quite confusing. Business purchases are for a business card not for your groceries, clothing purchases and so on. So, keep track of all your business spending and stay as organized as possible.

Rewards: You may also find that you can get cash back through your credit card or that you can get one point per dollar spent. Once these add up to a certain amount (which add up rather quickly on a business card) you can redeem your points or cash back for gift cards, prizes or even money towards your monthly statement sometimes! Why not let your credit card do some work for you and make it benefit you?

Business credit cards are great for many reasons, some being the ones listed above. They are just nice because you have a high limit to spend at once for big purchases and it will help you keep track and organized with your business. Not to mention, business owners are always using their cards and getting rewarded for doing so! So, let your card do some favors for you, while you just sit back and make purchases like you normally would.