Shantou toy innovation vitality and upgrading industrial clusters have attracted the central effects of the mainstream media's attention. Yesterday, the "Economic Times" at the 11th version of "regional economy" page on the topic published by the newspaper reporter Wang Jin, Li contact the source have written the cover story of "small toys opened the international market?? From Shantou City, Guangdong Province Toys Industry Cluster Survey ", round, multi-angle coverage of the Shantou toy industry for 30 years from small to large out of the" self-development, independent innovation, own brand "new ways.

This year in September, "Economic Times" sent a reporter went to Shantou, running grass-roots, under the enterprise, up close and a number of government departments, in-depth interviews with toy industry in the course of development in our city. Reports from the "small to large?? Cottage industry grow big," "reborn?? New impetus to innovation," "policy support?? Industrial upgrading win new space," three parts, in-depth analysis of the rapid Shantou toy industry development of "secret", that started in Shantou toy industry from small workshops to develop to become the only country to be awarded the "China Toys & Gifts City" title in the region, mainly due to the development of innovative power to the enterprise, to the local economy into a new vitality, thanks to government departments at all levels of Shantou development of industrial cluster policy support and services.

The newspaper said that this year, export-oriented enterprises are labor costs rise, yuan appreciation and the impact of fluctuations in the international economic situation, Shantou, a toy industry is also facing challenges. How to face the challenge? In Chenghai interview, the reporter found that the answer??? Enhance independent innovation capability, open the domestic market. Many toy industry and the PRD do OEM (commissioned processing) different from those in Chenghai toy industry has to ODM (own design and processing), OBM (own brand manufacturing) changes. Look at this set of data: 2001, there were toy industry to acquire and process patent 264, 2007, the cumulative number to 6,000. Toys & Gifts 2007 the region registered trademark products totaled 501, of which "Audi Double Diamond", "Hua Wei" was recognized as "China Famous Brand"; "Audi Double Diamond", "Hua Wei", "group Xing" "Shi Feng," and so were classified as "Guangdong Province"; "Hua Wei", "Audi" video games are rated as "China Famous Brand."

Meanwhile, more and more attention to government departments at all levels of industrial clusters in the region an important force for economic development, issued a series of supportive policies, free training courses, establishment of innovation funds to allow businesses in the face of market pressures, and feel its warmth.

Full-page newspaper coverage colorful and lively, and rich depth. Among them, the "business story" part of the successful entrepreneurs through the theories expressed the wish of the occupation Chenghai toy industry market success tips and business hardships. "Interview Notes" column, then a reporter on the interview, Chenghai toys industry cluster, a profound analysis of the higher labor costs in the export-oriented enterprises, RMB appreciation and the fluctuations in the international economic situation and under such adverse factors, Shantou, a toy industry cluster surface on the challenge, with innovation to enhance core competitiveness, build their own brands, to expand the domestic market, the successful experience of transformation and upgrading initiative. Chenghai toys full page report on the company adhere to the independent innovation of this highly appreciated, and firmly believe that new challenges and opportunities in Chenghai toy companies will continue to gluten healthy bone, through innovation and upgrading, to withstand storms, to win new survival and development of space.