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Simon Burgess is Managing Director of the award-winning British Insurance, a specialist provider of cheap loan cover, mortgage payment protection insurance and income protection insurance.
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Unemployment Cover – What is It?

There are three main forms of unemployment cover which can be taken based on your circumstances Mortgage, loan and income payment protection would all allow you to insure against the possibility that you could lose your income through unemployment

Unemployment Protection Well Worth the Premium

If you were to lose your income after becoming unemployed and had taken out unemployment protection you would be glad you had paid the small premium each month You will get cover for a small premium each month if you choose to take it with an independent payment protection provider

Imagine for a moment that you go into work and they tell you that at the end of the month you are becoming a victim of unemployment Just four weeks and then you will not have an income

Could You Benefit From Redundancy Insurance?

Anyone that is working on a full time basis and who has mortgage, loan or general outgoings to pay could benefit from taking out redundancy insurance Policies can be taken to cover mortgage repayments with mortgage payment protection, loans with loan payment protection and income with income payment protection

You are able to cover redundancy with mortgage, loan or income payment protection depending on your needs All policies can be taken out independently with specialist providers and this is the cheapest way to get a quality product that you are able to fall back on if and when you where to lose your own income

If you have loan repayments, a mortgage to keep up with and of course general outgoings each month to keep your home running then you need to consider insuring against unemployment with redundancy protection Policies can be taken based on your circumstances if you are in full time work so that if and when you lost your income you would not be left struggling financially

Options For Income Protection in the UK

There is two different options for income protection in the UK to safeguard against the possibility that you might lose your income You are able to take out income payment protection and income protection insurance

Protecting your mortgage is needed at all costs if you want to remain in your home By getting behind by just a single payment on the mortgage could mean that the mortgage lender would take you to court to seek repossession of your home

Income insurance mortgage payment protection is one way of ensuring that you would have an income if you lost your own You could lose your income to accident, sickness or unemployment and this would mean that you are left struggling when it came to being able to pay your mortgage

Choosing a standalone provider to take your income protection quote with is one way of ensuring that you would not fall victim to arrears with your mortgage or loan repayments You would be able to continue paying as you would normally when you had an income coming in

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