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Adriana Noton is a freelance writer who specializes in providing great financial information for Canadians. When searching online for debt counseling or credit counseling, one of the many resources available is Consolidated Credit; offering a variety of debt counseling services and financial planning tools to help Canadians get their debts under control.
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Are You Thinking Of Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is one way people deal with their debt However, it can have serious and long lasting consequences

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How To Avoid Filing For Bankruptcy

The majority of people have been in debt at one point or another The bad thing about debt is that is like sinking sand, once you enter it's hard to get back up

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What to Expect From GIC Rates

With the recent roller coaster ride money and stock markets took, many people are re-thinking their investment plans and what to include in their portfolios No one wants to lose their hard-earned money to the whims of the markets

Deciding on the Best Car Insurance

Evaluating Car Insurance options, and coming up with the right decision, has now become a hard road to travel for many people With numerous Insurers and diverse covers, the finest way to compare them would be to look at the most risky areas

Some people travel for pleasure, others travel for business, and then there are those who go to another country for an extended period of time working, or perhaps to study Returning Canadians who may not be immediately eligible for the government medical plan or those newly arrived in the country should be sure that they also get coverage

About the Canadian Auto Insurance Policy

If you drive a vehicle in Canada, you need a Canadian auto insurance policy, to legally drive in this country Depending on the province you are driving in, you will have to have certain types of insurance which will be listed on your insurance card that you should carry with you at all times when driving

Trying to Understand Mortgage Rates

Where is a good place to check mortgage rates How many different choices are there

How to Best Compare Car Insurance

It has become a difficult task to compare car insurance and come up with the right decision There are now too many Insurers with different types of cover, that, the best way to handle this is to pinpoint the risk areas for comparison

Summer Vacation Budgeting

For many people, summer is a time of taking a much needed vacation In lean economic times, it can often seem difficult coming up with the money to go on a vacation

Auto insurance can protect you and your finances in the event of an accident Although it can be seen as smart financial planning, it is also the law in many states

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