Ki Gray

Ki is a real estate agent in Austin Texas. He works with buyers interested in investing in the Austin real estate market. His site provides a free search of the Austin MLS as well as a graph of recent mortgage interest rates.
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 Articles by this Author

Mortgage Interest Rates Rise and Then Tumble In The Midst of Uncertain Economic Times

This article looks at what is happening with mortgage interest rates this week.

Mortgage Interest Rates Make Dramatic Rise After Bailout Passes

This article looks at the how mortgage interest rates are doing following the passage of the federal governments bank bailout plan.

The City of Manor, Texas

Manor is a small city on the outskirts of Austin. This article provides a description of the City of Manor Texas.

This article looks at a different less expensive way the US government could deal with the current housing crisis.

Central Austin Profiles : Travis Heights

Travis Heights is a centrally located neighborhood in the Austin real estate market. This articles looks at the Travis Heights neighborhood.

Mortgage Interest Rates Move Down

This article talks about recent changes in mortgage interest rates.

By lowering necessary expenses like rent, electricity bills and food spending can help you maximize your budget and ultimately live a better, more sustainable lifestyle.

Five Simple Ways to Spend Less

Cutting your spending isn't as complicated as it seems. Making smart choices day-to-day can help you save big bucks over time.

In the last week the news has been dominated by the possibility of a 700 billion dollar bailout of US banks. This article looks at the reasons why the bailout might fail.

This article looks at recent trends with mortgage interest rates.

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