Tom Tessin

Tom Tessin runs FINDcollegecards that focuses on students looking for student credit cards.
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Who Qualifies For Bad Credit Cards?

When the economy is rough, so is the life for many people People start to lose their jobs, get laid off, take pay cuts, and even get their hours cut

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Are Cash Back Credit Cards Worth Getting?

I’m sure that you already have a credit card, if not a few of them All credit cards are different, have different perks and can be used for different things

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What is a Miles Credit Card?

Are you someone that loves to travel Or perhaps you travel frequently due to business trips

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What Should my First Credit Card Entail?

There are several different credit cards on the market Some have a lot of benefits, yet some don’t really give back anything in return except a high interest rate

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What Are the Benefits of Small Business Credit Cards?

Today, there are a lot of people starting up their own business Whether you’re finally opening up that little boutique you’ve wanted down town, or you’re hoping to build a large company, there are many reasons to try

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Best Business Credit Cards – the Perks

Are you planning on starting your own business If so, you may have realized how much the start up costs can be

As you may already know, there are several different kinds of credit cards on the market You can find anything from a student credit card to a credit card to help run your business

4 Ways to a Prepaid Credit Card

If you’re in the market to find a new prepaid credit card, I’m going to tell you right now that there are a lot of them out there Sure, it can get rather overwhelming just by looking at all of them, but let me show you how you can find the perfect card for your wallet

There's no Magic in Debt

A lot of us have bad debt in this country, and in fact, if you’re saving money, you’re not normal Do you want to know why that this is

Steps to Building Your Credit Again

If you’re out there looking to fix your credit, whether it’s because you spent too much in the past, or maybe you declared bankruptcy I wanted to show you the path that you can take today in order to get your finances back in control, and how you can rebuild your credit again

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