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By Craig Higdon| 01/30/2008

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Have You Ever Wondered Where Banks Come From?

Most countries, including the United states, have what's called a fractional reserve system; in other words, only a fraction of all checkable deposits (basically all the money a bank owes people) is found inside the bank's vault So if a bank carried 500 million dollars in money deposited by its members, it would only carry just a fraction of that at one time

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Home Loan With Bad Credit - You Must Read This If You Are in This Situation

A home loan with bad credit doesn't have to be an impossible task Finding online loans makes the task easier because there are more products to choose from

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Hedge Funds – Boon or Bane?

Anyone following the financial news has likely heard opinions right and left about what’s behind the current crisis In addition to the usual suspects—Wall Street greed, lack of oversight, and predatory lending—you’ve doubtless seen fingers pointed at other culprits, such as short selling and hedge funds

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Gather the Best Insurance Information Before Applying For a Policy

Disease and sickness have been around since the first human was created They are no respecters of persons and attack the young and the old, the rich and the poor, even the strong and healthy

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Health Insurance – is it Only for the Old and the Sick?

It has become alarming that a growing number of fit and healthy people today actually think that they have nothing to do with health insurance They exercise regularly, do not smoke or take alcohol, eat nothing but nutritious diet, and lead a healthy stress-free lifestyle

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