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    The starlight of versailles –just for u

    The series jewelries the starlight of Versailles which come from the 1661 Versailles palace are produced completely. Having been staying for about 300 years, they are performing an outstanding role like a famous star in our modern life as a great beautiful artwork.

    Jump-start card allows you lend power from others’ cell phone

    It is always embarrassed us when the cell phone has no power, especially outside. When your cell phone is power off, you may angry and upset. Because it might be impact your normal work or life, now you won’t be worried about that any more. The designer brings us a new gadget for saving your phone’s power.

    All fashionistas need special bags to accent their personality and beauty. And this time, Mulberry has provided a great bag to help them fulfill their wishes.

    Be a red hot bride!

    The above are some of my favorite red wedding dresses. Have a big visual feast of RED and enjoy the fine delicate design!

    Let's take a preal journey

    the second biggest pearl in the world Have you ever seen such a big pearl as if human's brain? Pearl is one of the organic gemstones, which is shiny mineral granule under the effect of endocrine in shellfishes’ internal body.

    Ways to wear a beret

    Featuring a soft fluffy crown and a snug headband, berets are favored by many people. Wearing beret may make you look stylish and elegant. It is not difficult for you to choose a beret and there are some ways for you to wear it properly. Thanks to the soft crown and the high-qualified materials, you can match it many ways.

    Unique sapphire ring in the world

    Girls always have great passion and wild imagination about their wedding rings. It seems that  future sweet, colorful and happiness life has been designed into it.  Women  dream of their specail, unique and sparking engament or wedding ring in every sleepless night.  Without any doubt, wedding rings are doomed to bear too much. So does this sapphire ring which will be mentioned below.

    E-ink technology wrist watch

    The design of the wrist watch has rich and diverse, unique and special design can express individuality and enhance your taste.

    Kate Moss attended the Dior fashion show 2011 on October 1st, 2010. Her black sunglasses, black fur coat and leather skirt made her incredibly stylish and charming.

    Pomellato series flowers rings

    POMELLATO, the top jewelry brand in Italy, makes a series of flowers patterns jewelry to narrate romance and sincerity in jewelry, run over with morbidezza and nobility of women.

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