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    Piaget limelight serial jewelry wristwatch

    iaget is so always famous for its unique design, which is always lovely as well as mature. Also this new Limelight serial will let you astonish enough to surprise what a high-tech Piaget is using here. Limelight Magic Hour Wristwatch shows us the various emotions of the magic hour, whish brings you more feeling of luxury and grace. Now let me show you!

    Iwc portuguese perpetual calendar limited edition 2010

    This timepice has captured my heart with the gorgeous dial inn dark blue when I first saw it! And I am talking about the IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar in limited edition, which the renowned watchmaker IWC presented in the year 2010.

    If you are lady who is tired of the dim color, dim cold winter, now what you really need is just a bright color handbag for you. Holding a bright color bag in such a dim season, you will have a good mood any more. White bags, red bags, blue bags as well as any color bags will always bring you into another fantastic fairy world. See who is using these bright color handbags now?

    If you ask me do you want to receive a birthday present of a Jimmy Choo Ubai Wallet? And my answer will be “yes, of course!” I think every girl will not say no to that one.

    Top 3 mexx women’s sweater necklaces

    The craze of chain bags caused by Coco Chanel did not subside over the past few years. On the fashion stages or in the streets, you can find that numerous people are wearing the chain bags. Why do chain bags have such great popularity and seem to hot up again and again? Their irresistible charm designs are the main reason.

    Spring always reminds people the days when flowers are blooming all around. Colorful and bright, that is the best words to express the impression of spring season.

    Special force watch

    Have you ever seen  the coolest watch? If you say yes, now I want to tell you just forget it.  The German designer Sam brings a special forces watches (Special Force Watch), it will be displayed time by the radar scan that will make you become a soldier of the future. Is that cool? Normally, there is nothing in the Special Force Watch it just shows only a gray. When you need to know the time, press the button, scanning will start, the hour, minute and second hands on the radar screen will be detected as an intruder, like the aperture in the form displayed with backlight, its center distance from near to far, so you can read the current time. Moreover, the second hand will make a circular motion on the dial, very fine. In addition, each time of pressing a button, this will automatically scan a circle, and time will continue to light up the aperture a few seconds, easy to read. What’s more there will be three kinds of scanning methods were simulated air radar, underwater sonar, and life detector, in which sonar blue, green for the radar, but the red is the detection of life - well, all the weirdy, are you ready?

    To Spain and its national luxury brand Loewe, the year 1975 is very important when it was the end of the 40-year military reign and the whole country was enjoying the retrieval freedom. Loewe released the first soft, lightweight and unlined suede handbag, it is the Amazona bag. Women of Spain and even the whole of western are in love with this Amazona bag.

    There are many new Audemars Piguet watches each year. They are sparkling watches with appealing appearances and amazing functions. To own a timepiece of Audemars Piguet is a great honor to most people. For a man, nothing can be better than buying a good timepiece for a new year. It is a good idea for a woman to buy a new timepiece as a present for her man. The new Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Dual Time in rose gold and the Royal Oak Offshore Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Legacy Chronograph are new products of the company. They are good accessories for men to wear in 2011.

    The Nokia E71 is a smartphone from the Nokia E series. Although it has been released for more than two years since 2008, it always sells well. Why?

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