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    How To Lower Corporate Taxes By Choosing Your Jurisdiction

    Many businesses do not realize that there is nothing illegal, and not even anything unethical, about choosing a different jurisdiction to do their banking in. Choosing a jurisdiction that best suits you only rewards those that put the most effort in. We look at what business consultancy services say about choosing the best jurisdiction for your tax strategy.

    How Does the State Utilize Sales Taxes?

    Most people across the country have to pay something they really don't enjoy paying and that is sales tax. But why do we pay it, and what happens to that money?

    Because selling your C Corp in an asset sale creates such an unfavorable tax situation, this article explores some strategies you may employ to move the buyer to a stock sale.

    If you're thinking about donating your car or truck to a local or national charity, here are a few tips that you should know. There are a few problems you can avoid if you do a little research first.

    What To Do About Your IRS Tax Claim In Dallas

    So, you have an IRS tax claim. You have basically two choices when you have a tax claim in Dallas. You can either choose to try to represent yourself and deal with the IRS regarding the claim or you can hire a tax attorney in Dallas who has vast knowledge of the income tax laws and who can help you with the Internet Revenue Service tax claim.

    In the past few years many charities have found they can raise money through car donation programs and provide you with a car donation tax deduction. These programs can be a goldmine and the charity can make a lot of money for its charitable activities.

    Offshore bank accounts have been used for decades to help canny businesses to reduce their tax burden, hedge their financial bets, and operate with greater privacy. There are both positives and negatives to opening an offshore bank account - here is what your business consultancy management team should tell you about corporate offshore banking.

    Research Eis Tax Relief for Tax Savings

    Finding tax relief is closer to possible that you might actually think.

    Raising The Inheritance Tax Barrier

    A look at some of the issues surrounding making a will and how future governments plan to bring about changes that will alter the amount you can inherit without incurring inheritance tax.

    Laws Regarding Capital Losses In Thailand

    The Thai Revenue Department is currently developing laws to make sure that capital losses that are deducted on income tax return are legitimate. Thailand lawyers are now trying to decipher the impact on businesses, and thai law consulting firms and accountants must now ensure that their clients have legitimate intentions in selling assets at a loss.

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